Sunday, March 30, 2008

Starting up of integration with gvSIG

After our meeting with gvSIG responsibles at Girona (Libre SIG Workshop), and once that Fallas and Easter week has definitely been overpassed, work of integration has begun.

During next weeks, our team will provide gvSIG's one with the following documentation:

- One complete list of the extensions developed and of the upgradings that we can provide, including a brief description of their functionalities

- Data on instalable packages and their dependencies, including information on:
  • Supported platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac, ...
  • File types: executables, compressed files, etc
  • gvSIG version on which they depend
  • Dependencies with other gvSIG extensions
  • Wether the executable files are designed to be installed on gvSIG or if, in the opposite, there's one single and complete installation file
  • Supported languages
  • Dependencies on native libraries
  • Other relevant information
Next step will consist of the analysis of this information by gvSIG team, after what both teams will finally decide what packages or utilities are integrated within next versions of gvSIG.

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