Friday, April 25, 2008


Uuuffff! Done! Quite a busy couple of days. With accessing problems included. Fortunately, everything seems to be fixed now.

Of course, there's still field for improvement, and despite what's the response of the community, we will go on upgrading our software. In fact, first improvement is already in the way: after presenting the software to the press and to the municipalities, I received the OK document to begin to work in the developing of municipalities management modules for gisEIEL. No rest, after releasing!!!! But that's really good news for the team.

By the way, here you have some three photos of (almost all of) the developing team taken during yesterday's events.

The team:
From left to right: Jose Ignacio Lamas, Xosé-Fco Freire, Verónica Fariña, Pedro A. González, Mª Isabel Pérez-Urría, Xoán Cabo, Miguel R.Luaces, Nuria G. Cadahía and David Trillo (Photo: Torrecilla)

Preparing presentation (Photo: Torrecilla)

Presenting (Photo: Torrecilla)

The only releasing tasks that are still missing are those that have to do with publicising the project at some forges, namely Mancomún (Galician forge) and Sourceforge (Internat ... Oh, well! You already know) But this will be done next week. We've had enough for a couple of days! :-)

A little explanation: so far I hadn't still mentioned Xoán Cabo and Xosé-Fco. Freire They are, respectively, the Provincial Councellor in charge of Cooperation and Adviosry to the Municipalities, and the Chief Architect of the Unit of Technical Advisory to the Municipalities.

And a mention has to be done to all that people at A Coruña University who have worked or are still working to capture, maintain, update, analyze and "extract juice" of BDT-EIEL data. Here are the names of the different heads of areas: Carlos Nárdiz (General Head), Pablo Regueira (General municipal information and Mapping) Joaquín Suárez (Water supply and sewage) and Alberto Varela (Roads network and Services). The names of the rest of the people are listed here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

gisEIEL is free!

And today is the day: gisEIEL has matured as libre software and starts a new and more public life, out of our laboratories at Diputación de A Coruña and A Coruña University.

Its homesite, from which you can download both code, software and documentation, is

There you will find information on how to download and install the software and on how to join our Community!.

Enjoy our software and join our team!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Código Cero publishes a brief about our project

Código Cero, Galician magazine on IT, has recently published a brief about our presentation at VIII Xornadas de Software Libre. You can read it at:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Presentation at "Xornadas de Software Libre"

Next Monday, we will present our project at "VIII Xornadas de Software Libre", that are being held at Informatics Faculty of A Coruña University and organised by GPUL (Linux Users and Programmers Group)

The date is on Monday 7th, at 17:15 LT, and in Classroom number 3.0

Hope meeting you there

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Confirmed! Unless 'meigas', 'trolls' or even 'gnomes' ;-) play one of their awful games, R-Day will be April 24th. More news will follow soon.

In the meanwhile, and in the very Ubuntu stile (see below): We are now just 1 day to go! Exactly the same as for Ubuntu 8.04 release! Tomorrow promises to be a really interesting day: Two great projects release their last versions! ;-)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Countdown to R-Day

The countdown to Release Day (from now on R-Day) is on.

Early in the morning today, project's Coordinating Comittee has held a meeting to take some final decisions regarding R-Day. First of them is that R-Day will be one of the final days of present month (from 22nd on). It now mainly depends on the agendas of the political authorities of Diputación de A Coruña and of the Dean of Universidad de A Coruña, but all the clues address to Thursday 24th.

Second decision is that R-Day will also be the 'Municipalities Day', in the sense that at this very same date gisEIEL application will be publicly delivered to A Coruña province municipalities so that they can make free use of it and of the data contained within BDT-EIEL.

Whilst R-Day comes, a hard work is to be done, as we need:
  • Review project's documentation, to being sure that it is as complete and usable as possible
  • Refit webEIEL site in order to contain new branches regarding gisEIEL releasing and community supporting
  • Prepare and set-up community participation tools and rules
  • Getting some municipalities to previously check and test the application and some of the tools, as downloading and bug-tracking ones. These municipalities are likely to be Abegondo, Cambre and As Pontes de García Rodríguez (this latter is already confirmed, the other two will be confirmed along tomorrow morning)
So, keep an eye on this blog: present month seems to going to be really interesting for gisEIEL supporters.