Friday, April 25, 2008


Uuuffff! Done! Quite a busy couple of days. With accessing problems included. Fortunately, everything seems to be fixed now.

Of course, there's still field for improvement, and despite what's the response of the community, we will go on upgrading our software. In fact, first improvement is already in the way: after presenting the software to the press and to the municipalities, I received the OK document to begin to work in the developing of municipalities management modules for gisEIEL. No rest, after releasing!!!! But that's really good news for the team.

By the way, here you have some three photos of (almost all of) the developing team taken during yesterday's events.

The team:
From left to right: Jose Ignacio Lamas, Xosé-Fco Freire, Verónica Fariña, Pedro A. González, Mª Isabel Pérez-Urría, Xoán Cabo, Miguel R.Luaces, Nuria G. Cadahía and David Trillo (Photo: Torrecilla)

Preparing presentation (Photo: Torrecilla)

Presenting (Photo: Torrecilla)

The only releasing tasks that are still missing are those that have to do with publicising the project at some forges, namely Mancomún (Galician forge) and Sourceforge (Internat ... Oh, well! You already know) But this will be done next week. We've had enough for a couple of days! :-)

A little explanation: so far I hadn't still mentioned Xoán Cabo and Xosé-Fco. Freire They are, respectively, the Provincial Councellor in charge of Cooperation and Adviosry to the Municipalities, and the Chief Architect of the Unit of Technical Advisory to the Municipalities.

And a mention has to be done to all that people at A Coruña University who have worked or are still working to capture, maintain, update, analyze and "extract juice" of BDT-EIEL data. Here are the names of the different heads of areas: Carlos Nárdiz (General Head), Pablo Regueira (General municipal information and Mapping) Joaquín Suárez (Water supply and sewage) and Alberto Varela (Roads network and Services). The names of the rest of the people are listed here.

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