Monday, June 16, 2008

The Battle of the Forges, or where should I post my project?

If you remember past entries, we have registered gisEIEL project at Mancomún and Sourceforge forges, as a way to facilitate the access to it from users coming from different regions (Galicia and the rest of the world, in this case) But now we face a problem: each forge does automatically launch its own series of supporting and collaborative tools. Result: our project "enjoys" now three bugtrackers, three sets of mailing lists, three code repositories, three svn and two sets of fora (project's site lacks of this tool).

And the question is that those tools cannot be linked one to each other. I mean, our will would be that we could set a link from Mancomún and Sourceforge bugtrackers to our own. And the same for mailing lists. But this seems not to be possible.

But the problem doesn't end here. Now, a new forge has come to town: OSOR, the European Commission's Open Source Observatory and Repository. It deals with the task of fostering the use of OS software by European administration bodies and, as a consequence, its responsibles want administration born projects to be served from their forge. And gisEIEL is administration born. And it is addressed to administration bodies use. And, of course, it has been invited to register at OSOR.

But, once again, OSOR will provide the project with new sets of collaborative tools. So, we face now the need to take the decission of registering or not at OSOR. And to do so, we will have to ballance the convenience of supporting OSOR initiative (High) against the need for new, quadruplicated collaborative tools (None, indeed)

So, the decission is ... (drums sounding ... .... .... ...

Ehmmm! Well! Keep in contact and you'll know!

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