Friday, September 12, 2008

Call for help

Here we are again. After beach days, we are now working again in our project.

Next tasks to be undertaken are pretty much adequate to be developed by community members, what would be of great help. These are:
  1. Localizing our software to other languages. First two are Galician and English, but we won't reject any other possibility.
  2. Installing and testing gisEIEL under different OS: Unix/Linux (different distros), MacOS
In the first case, we need previously getting source code conveniently prepared, but we have already put hands on it.

In the latter, no previous action is needed: testers will have all the control on their hands. We just need that they  provide us with documentation on the experience, difficulties and solutions adopted until the application do correctly run on the selected OS.

Any volunteer to do some of these tasks?

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