Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Agreement to cooperate in the management of gisEIEL project

After a process that started up during past November, Province Councils of A Coruña, Córdoba and Ourense, Island Council of Mallorca and University of A Coruña have agreed in signing a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the management, monitoring and coordinate development of gisEIEL [1] project.

As explained within the text of the MoU [2], the signing bodies agree in using BDT-EIEL geo-database and gisEIEL software to build and manage the so called EIEL (Spanish acronym for Enquiry on Local Infrastructures and Services) and, in order to rationalize the use of the available resources, have considered that inter-administrative cooperation "is, in general, wishable in order to rationalize the use of resources and guarantee the sustainibility of Public Administration actions. They also consider that, in the particular case of gisEIEL project, this cooperation will take to the optimization of the resources that are advocated to the development, management and maintaining of the project, to its persistence in time, its continuous improvement, its better fitting the interests and needs of its users and, summarizing, to its more rational management."

To reach those goals, the signing bodies set the deal of coordinating efforts and developments, as well as to annually agree about the schedule of actions to undertake, accordingly to the following

  1. The signing bodies adopt BDT-EIEL data model, from A Coruña Province Council,  as basic model to manage geo-referenced EIEL and as the foundational set of data to support a package of GIS solutions for Local Administrations.
  2. They also adopt gisEIEL software as GIS tool to manage the contents of BDT-EIEL. Meanwhile gvSIG 2.0 is not available, the newest released version of gisEIEL will be used. As soon as an stable version of gvSIG 2.0 is available, the set of moules of gisEIEL 3.0 and later versions will be adopted, as well as any other gvSIG compatible software that may be gvSIG or gisEIEL compatible.
  3. The signing bodies may also adopt the rest of the aplications within eielAC platform to publish and share the data contained in BDT-EIEL.
  4. The developments, modifications and improvements to be undertaken from the signing of this MoU on, will be shared between the signing bodies and will be compatible with gvSIG, from its version 2.0 on, given that it constitutes the most adequate technological platform to day. The MoU Monitoring and Technical Committees may, at any moment, decide to maintain also compatibility with any other interesting software.
  5. Given that the present MoU relates to a project that was started by A Coruña Province Council and University, and in order to reach the goal that all of the rest of the signing parties (including both their developres and users) may quickly and fully get confident with the shared tools, the former institutions guarantee their cooperation regarding learning and technical advisory as weel as providing the most adequate documentation thus building up a frame of knowledge and technology sharing.

[2] Complete text of the MoU (in Spanish only):

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